Comprehensive Steve/Natasha Fic Recs Post


 After watching Winter Soldier, I decided to seek out every Steve/Natasha fic that I could find. I must have read hundreds of stories. A lot of them were okay, some were pretty bad. Below I have listed the few that I bookmarked as the best.

It’s just my opinion, but I think that these stories are the best that this ship has to offer at the moment. I wanted to put them all in one convenient location for others who are seeking fic with this pairing and don’t know where to start.

I’ve split them up into 7 categories:  UST, first time (teen or lower), first time (mature), missing scenes, avengers assemble, established relationship and series/other.

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The Eleventh Doctor is generally known for being a fun-loving, bowtie-wearing, strangely-dancing type. He is those things and I love him for it, but I think it’s also important to remember Eleven is also very old, carrying a lot of grief and rage and darkness. This is Eleven’s story, with all that in mind. This is for the cosmic five year old, certainly, but also for the old worn god searching for comfort and company throughout the centuries. 

This is my farewell to my Doctor. Thank you, Eleven and Matt Smith, for everything. This is Heal, Hymn of the Eleventh.

[Best with headphones; lyrics under the cut.]

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Do you ever just see a summary to a fanfiction and think no I can’t do this to myself

Yep. And then I click it anyways


Get to know me memefavorite pairings [3/5] - Natasha Romanoff & Steve Rogers

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- How about a friend?


Captain America and Black Widow behind the scenes from Avengers movie


Natasha is off: Natasha Roman-off

Natasha is on: Natasha Roman-on

Natasha needs to get in: Natasha Romaknock

Natasha is sick: Natasha Romacough

Natasha is feeling superior: Natasha Romascoff

Natasha understands: Natasha Romanod

Natasha is not Natasha: Natasha Romanot

Natasha is getting married: Natasha Rogers


Best looking superhero?


who do you want me to be?